Case Study: Stator Superior and Inferior

Process: Conventional powder metallurgy

Material: Soft-magnetic composite

Density: 7.4 g/cm³

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End Use and Function

This soft-magnetic composite superior and inferior stator is used in a mono-phase induction ceiling fan motor. The component was specifically designed for the PM process to take advantage of the 3-D magnetic flux.


A 2021 Grand-Prize Winner in the Hardware/Appliances category for Conventional PM Components



The parts are made using an iron powder coated with an insulating inorganic material that has high resistivity, and the parts have excellent magnetic permeability. A high compacting pressure of 800 MPa (60 tsi) was required to achieve the 7.4 g/cm3 minimum density. During engineering, the proper tooling material was identified, resulting in reduced tool wear and increased tool life. The parts are cured rather than sintered, and a special fixture was required to check the strength of the cured component.



The use of an axial flux motor resulted in a change from 152 mm (6 in.) to 80 millimeter (3.1 in) in the outer diameter, less copper wiring, a 76% reduction in the mass of the motor, and 35% less energy consumption with less noise in service.


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